Zinelibrary.info was a revelation.  The simple act of posting PDFs online created an entirely new set of possibilities and relationships.  Instead of a marketplace dominated by a handful of radical publishing companies, there was suddenly a network of micro-distros and comrades sharing materials freely.  More than many other factors, this bypass around the institutions of left-anarchism explains the explosion of subversive ideas (especially insurrectionary anarchist, situationist and small-c communist) beginning in 2007.

Most of us have responded in a sadly passive way to the end of zinelibrary.info.  And in the wake of our failure to maintain it or create new structures, it’s not an accident that there’s been a slowdown in the spread of new radical distribution projects over the last couple years.  So, this is a small and very informal stopgap measure.  My immediate goal is to make sure that a small range of zine .pdfs remain online.  Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as open-source as zinelibrary.info but you can always write me at zinelibrarywordpress@riseup.net if you’d like me post a zine or poster .pdf.

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