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Materials against borders

Below are two PDFs for decentralized printing and distribution during the ongoing struggle against the ban and the wall.  On the one hand, these are a little late relative to last weekend’s major clashes.  On the other hand, it’s obvious that this conflict will continue over many years – indeed, until the destruction of borders and nations.  Let’s do more than just tag along for liberal illusions of the inclusive national community and instead share more radical analyses.

One is a poster, while the other is a double-sided half-sheet for hand-to-hand fliering.

1. Against Trump’s Dreams of Race War

Poster: trumpsracewar

2.  Not Today Motherfucker / Strangers everywhere

Half-sheet:  nottodaymotherfucker-double-sided

God Only Knows What Devils We Are

Memoir and critique; why we don the black mask and act collectively against the targets of capital and state.

“To counteract [leftist] silencing, we sought out our comrades from the heart of the black bloc and asked them to tell their side of the story: where they come from, why they participate, how they see the world. We do not accept the terms set by the mudslingers: our intent is not to compete for ideological legitimacy on a battlefield of abstractions, but to foster mutual understanding grounded in personal experience. As the expression goes, God only knows what devils we are: He can’t know anything else.”

-Crimethinc., February 2012

god only knows-imposed

Down: Reflections on Prison Resistance in Indiana

“The book contains a number of interviews with some of Indiana’s long-term prison rebels, a brief overview of the rich history of prison struggle throughout the state, and thoughts from the editors about how prisoner solidarity has been and could be done. More generally, it documents a conversation between a few anarchists in the state and some prisoners here who became politicized on the inside, of a bridge we are building between differing conditions, politics, and beliefs—of our mutual need and desire to abolish prison.”


Interview from Segovia Prison with the Autonomous Groups

“On the problem of armed struggle, the reactionary function of the CNT, & possible future developments of the anti- capitalist struggle.”

Interview with the imprisoned members of the autonomous groups active in 1970s Spain, during the revolutionary period of the post-Franco transition.  Their original crimes included bank expropriations to financially support fellow workers on wildcat strike.


Interview from Segovia Prison with the Autonomous Groups

Revealing interview with comrades imprisoned in Spain in the late 1970s for expropriations from banks.  They were part of the global phenomenon of “diffuse urban guerrilla” – extremists who found themselves outside of the Marxist-Leninist groups (RAF, Red Brigades, etc.) due to their radical critique and refusal of spectacular violence.

See also “To Libertarians.”